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FYI: Scientific Research

AAOMS White Paper on Third Molars
AAOMS Age Related Third Molar Study
AAOMS Position Paper on Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis
ADA Definition of OMS and Dentistry
ADA Position on Treatment for Patients Recieving Bisphosphonate Therapy
Impact of Third Molar Pain on Oral Health and Quality of Life
Incidence of Caries in Erupted Thrid Molars
Microbial Complexes Detected in Second/Third Molar Region
Occlusal Caries Experience in Asymptomatic Third Molars
Progression of Periodontal Pathology in the Third Molar Region
Recovery After Third Molar Surgery
Reliability of Third Molar Periodontal Measures
Removal of Asymptomatic Third Molars: A Supporting View
SBE Antibiotic Prophylaxis Recomendations

Press Releases

AAAHC Accreditation Achieved
Dr. Kewitt Selected as Board Examiner

Dr. Greg Kewitt and the staff of Centre Oral & Facial Surgery specialize in
oral & maxillofacial surgery procedures including dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom tooth
removal, and cosmetic surgery. Our practice is located at 474 Windmere Drive, Ste. 202,
State College, PA 16801

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